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Artist Highlight – Loren Lott

This week, #TNSA highlights Actress & Vocalist, Loren Lott! This former American Idol finalist has performed with Broadway's "Motown: The Musical" and can be seen next in "Tales", produced by Irv Gotti and coming to BET this summer! Learn more about Loren's journey when you read below!
Loren Lott
Loren Lott | Actress | Vocalist | @lorensharice
1. Are you currently working a day job? If yes, can you say where? I work full-time as an actress and social media influencer.  That’s really how I support myself.  About every other weekend, I do some small paid job.  Those really stack up so I don’t sleep on them. I recently played a detective in a really cool music video, but my last big job was 2 months ago on a show called Tales airing on BET this summer. I start shooting for another big job in July.
2. What is your favorite way to feed your spirit (i.e. stay inspired) during slower periods in your artistic life? PRAYER!!! And singing to myself in the mirror and imagining my future. I can escape in my imagination and really [see myself being as] successful as I dream.  Also, [I stay inspired by] studying my craft. I take gymnastics, voice lessons and I do a few acting sessions sometimes. Anything to make me feel productive.
3. Do you think the term “starving artist” is still valid today? Why or Why not? Heck yes! This industry is fiest or famine. You can make loads of money and then see none for months. You have to learn to save your money or find a good day job that’s flexible.
Loren Lott
4. Who are your 3 biggest artistic inspirations and WHY? Michael Jackson! He is more than an entertainer. He used his fame to give [back] and spread love.  He did so much for so many people. The Rock! He is such a good person. I’ve seen him with his fans and he just seems great.  I love how his career has grown and how he is always working! I respect his grind! Ellen Degeneres! Not only is she hilarious but she is always blessing people! She has changed so many’s views of homosexuals and she has opened many doors! I have so much respect for that.
5. Do you believe that struggle (of any kind) is a necessary part of every artist’s journey? Why or why not? Always. Denzel Washington said: “You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud. That’s part of it”.  Struggle comes with [the journey].  There is always heartbreak and sacrifice and dead ends. You just have to turn around and hope to find your open road that leads to your destination.  It makes the destination worth it and we appreciate it more. Maybe that’s why God pushes us through it.
6. Have you ever quit a “real job” for an artistic gig? If yes, please explain. Never. I’ve never had a “real” job.
7. What is your favorite project you’ve worked on, so far? Probably Tales on BET because it was my first time being in a main cast. Also, the cast was so great!  It was a short [process], so I think it was my favorite because I wanted so much more. I had big, honey blonde, curly hair for it and I made friends. I love building a family!
Loren Lott
8. What are you currently working on? Everything is right on the edge right now, so I don’t know yet!  Prayers up! I am filming a movie in July though.  I booked it last week, so I’m excited.
9. What was the very first step you took to become a professional artist? How would you advise those working to become professional and/or full-time in your same artistic field? My first move was getting into a theatre program and learning and growing.  I had to learn how to audition and be onstage and rehearse and everything.  I think getting into an acting class or a program should always be the first step. After that, things will fall into place and you will make the right connections to hopefully get an agent and [professional] headshots or anything [else you may need].  Also, make sure you really want this.  If this is a side gig or a hobby, it might not be long-term for you.
Loren Lott
10. What is your favorite thing about being a full-time artist? What is your least favorite thing? My favorite thing about being an artist are the few successes.  Everyone has their definition of success but for me, it’s financial stability and progression. It’s making my family proud of me and being able to give freely! It’s when someone comes up to me and knows who I am and wants a hug or a picture. I know in my future there will be so much more of all of those instances. My least favorite is the constant heartbreak.  Where I am now [in my career], I [often] teeter on the line of life changing opportunity and nothing. When it doesn’t work out it hurts… because I get so close to these giant things. Also, the lack of consistency. I try to set up some kind of constant in my life. Like constant lessons or constant date nights, but I travel for work and with auditions and everything else, the comfort that humans get [from living a] consistent life where they know when money is coming and  where they can plan in advance for different things and all of that is just not an option for me right now.
11. If you could change one thing about the way the world treats and/or perceives artists, what would it be? In college, I had to leave a lot and the school didn’t help me because they didn’t believe in artistry.  So many people claimed to be rappers and models and would stand outside handing out flyers instead of really doing something.  So, I guess I would change all of the people who say they are artists, but are actually just making it hard for others to trust people.
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