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It has been a while since I’ve checked in with a “Leading Lady Chronicles” update… but no worries, I’m still going strong! There have been so many amazing things happening, which has made life SUPER busy. (And made me SUPER grateful!) I can’t wait until I’m able to share everything. Until then, I’m checking in from my day job/desk job with a Monday Motivation (#TNSAmondaymotivation) reminder for all of us about approaching our goals in steps! Not leaps. Not bounds. STEPS. Often, especially in our microwave, instant-satisfaction, technologically-advanced world… we want to skip to the end. We want to make it to the BIG FINISH without climbing the (smaller) steps that will lead us there. I’m sure that I am not the first to tell you (but I’m happy to remind you)… that it simply doesn’t work that way. And you should be thankful for that! We will all appreciate so much more that which we have truly worked and sacrificed for! Hear more of my thoughts on this topic when you watch the latest “Leading Lady Chronicles” VLOG below! HAPPY MONDAY! -Brittany

Be productive. Be specific. Be brilliant.

Leading Lady Chronicles | Get Me Bodied

LLC Get Me Bodied

Brittany Inge | L.L.C.


Happy 2017 to all of my fellow (Non)Starving Artists! I hope your holiday season was full of love, family, rest and preparation. Now, let’s get down to business. What do you want to accomplish this year? Seriously. I want you to think about it so take a moment— You got it? Good. Now, what plans or actions have you set in motion to achieve that goal?

This year, I have decided to put my money where my mouth is! I have HUGE dreams and I am very clear on what I SAY that I want. What I haven’t been so clear on is establishing the course of action that will lead me to the results that I desire. Here is the question that I have vowed to ask myself everyday of 2017: What are you willing to DO to get what you WANT?

Leading Lady Checklist

My handmade “Leading Lady Checklist”

Simple enough, right? Well, what I want is going to take discipline, faith, passion and some really tough skin. I want to be a leading lady in film and television. There. I said it and the world continued to spin. A wise person once said: “You have to dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” In the spirit of that saying, I believe that we should live for the lives that we say we want. If I want to be a leading lady, I need to live like one RIGHT NOW. We lie to ourselves with the idea that we’ll get our lives/lifestyles on the right track once opportunity knocks. Up until now, I was notorious for proclaiming: “Well, once I have the dream role and the dream paycheck, I’ll be able to do everything I need to do in order to live, eat, work and slay like a leading lady.” That’s a lie. What happens instead is that we continue to put off being our best selves and one-day, opportunity makes a house call while we’re still in bed and in our pajamas. UNPREPARED!

I don’t know about you, but I refuse for that to be my reality. With my mental adjustment in place (it all starts in our minds), I knew that I had to put my leading lady course of action in place! Now, there are a few things I know about leading ladies—or at least the ones I admire. They possess many of the same qualities even though each lady houses theses qualities in her own unique way.

Common Leading Lady Qualities:

  • BEAUTY (ideally inside & out)

The list could go on and on but for the purpose of this blog, let’s stop right here at BANGIN’ BODY. Yeah… so I need one of those. ASAP! There are SO many other things necessary to have in place on the path to becoming a leading lady and I am not negating them. To be clear, I’m working on ALL of them. But I have to start somewhere, right? To get this BANGIN’ BODY journey started, I created a “Leading Lady Checklist” and made a personal vow to myself to make meditation & fitness daily priorities in my life and to break-up with sweet/sugary foods. (I seriously have an addiction to sugar, y’all. I’m setting myself free!). These are just a few of the very necessary sacrifices that my “Leading Lady Checklist” helps me keep track of as I ask everyday: “Brittany, what are you willing to DO to get what you WANT?

LLC_Get Me Bodied

Gym Life: I’m focused, man.

I am on a quest to live my BEST life—physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I know the business that I am in and the reality is—it can be SUPER shallow. I’m not saying that it’s right and I’m not saying that it shouldn’t change. What I AM saying is that in order to be an agent of change you must first have a seat at the table. I’m working on my SEAT right now. Amen? My body, along with my faith, skill set and work ethic, needs to be in tip-top shape if I’m going to be a leading lady. Period. Now, I’m a (proud) curvy girl… so MY tip-top shape is never going to be a size 2 and I honestly wouldn’t want it to be. I simply desire to be the best version of ME that I can possibly be. So, I’m going for it! And I’ll be sharing all of it right here on #TNSA. And I want all of you to hold me accountable. If you see me at an event standing near the dessert bar, just give me “THE LOOK”. I’m serious! I am READY to live like the leading lady that I know I am destined to be. Whatever your specific goals may be, I am encouraging you to make the decision TODAY to actively go after them. Live the life you envision for yourself. You don’t need to wait for the “magic moment”—it’s here. This is it! RIGHT NOW.


Check out the inaugural LEADING LADY CHRONICLES VLOG below where I take you into my (messy) kitchen to show you how serious I am about this journey. I hope you’ll join me and follow along! Write me about the specific goal you’re working towards this year at contact@thenonstarvingartists.com.


With Love, Light & Caviar,

Brittany Inge