At The (Non)Starving Artists (@TNSArtists), we empower artists of every kind to take the lead in their respective journeys and create on their own terms! Our mission is to engage, educate and encourage our fellow artists in the areas of brand development, self-investment and craftsmanship. We provide insight to the artist’s journey by sharing suggestions for growth and sharing personal experiences that have helped shaped our individual paths. We know that although no two artists are the same, we all have gifts and knowledge to gain from each other.

The (Non)Starving Artists site was created by Brittany Inge (@brittany__inge), an actor who currently lives in Atlanta, GA. Her other titles include vocalist, screenwriter, director, producer, filmmaker and now, BLOGGER! She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in music from Spelman College. Brittany has always been passionate about making an impact in the lives of others. She started The (Non)Starving Artists site with the mission to share the knowledge she’s gained (so far) as a young, working artist—while creating a community she can also learn from. The main goal of this site is to empower artists of every background to CREATE the life of their dreams! We’re not waiting to be fed or validated by outside sources—WE FEED OURSELVES! #NonStarvingArtists @TNSArtists